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habitatery leverages our national network to bring professional interior designers the finest furniture brands at a fraction of retail.

Habitatery's Member Designer Program eliminates the need to register with multiple showrooms and manufacturers or negotiate pricing with each vendor.

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As a member of habitatery, you will receive access to the broadest array of the top manufacturers of home furnishings. With one stop credentialing and product acquisition, habitatery delivers competitive pricing on frequently shopped lines.
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Online Pricing “Online Pricing - The most updated, unedited product catalog, specifications and pricing in the industry.”
Sampling Library “Sampling Library - Access to the habitatery® sampling library. Sampling is shipped nationally, free of charge for all Member Designers.”
Weekly Order Updates “Weekly Order Updates - Weekly updates on all purchased orders ensure constant communication from manufacturers and freight carriers.”
Conflict Resolution “Conflict Resolution - If pieces arrive damaged, the habitatery® team will resolve the claim with you managing the entire process.”